break up with 2020

Well, its been a year hasn't it and there's nothing quite like a global pandemic to give us a whole lot of reflecting, integrating and clearing to do. These offerings are your roadmap for closing this year and getting in the mood for the one to come and there's something for everyone. 

Break Up with 2020 is a 3 part digital download with a ritual, chill out session and printable workbook for you to go through in your own time. 

Mystical Forecasting Tarot Reading is back! My limited time only signature spread for reflecting on the past year and making way for a magic-filled 2021. 

Want both of them? I've got you. Grab the package and you'll also save some money honey. 

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break up with 2020

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break up with 2020

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break up

with 2020 

The ultimate moment of self-care as you end 2020. A three part digital download with a ritual, chill out session and printable workbook to break up with the year, close it on out and get fully prepped for the year ahead.


Right here in this download, is everything you need to reflect, integrate, process and clear things out from this year. Getting you ready to create, shape and make space for all the magic you're about to welcome in, in 2021. If you have no idea WTF has gone on this year, and feel worried and uncertain about the future, then you're in the right place.


Here's what you'll find inside: 

1. See Ya Guided Ritual (Audio) 

Consider this your one-stop shop for letting go, releasing and energetically clearing anything and everything that's no longer serving you from the past year. Giving you the time and space to make peace and receive some clarity and wisdom to take with you. It's basically the equivalent of a huge weight being lifted off your shoulders. The entire ritual is guided so all you need to do is plug in your earphones, hit play, relax and say see ya to 2020. 

2. Clear It Out Innerworkbook (PDF)

This workbook is filled with insightful and expansive questions designed to delve into your subconscious and bring out all the juicy stuff to help you review, release and reflect upon the last year. These are the questions I ask myself every year before I set those all important intentions. You can print it out or fill it in on your computer and have a much-needed moment for yourself so you can really work towards the desires and goals that are most in alignment with where you're at. 

3. The Chill Sesh (Audio) 

Regardless of your beliefs, this season can be pretty full on and things will probably look different this year. Whether you're struggling to fall asleep, need a moment to escape from heated family chats or just feeling all the emotions from a confusing year; this is for you. Whenever you're feeling stressed, anxious or just need a moment to chill and unwind, then plug this audio in. You can listen once you've gone through the workbook or at anytime you fancy.

Guess what's back! My limited time only, available once a year, one-to-one tarot reading (via phone call). Using the cards to open the door to your most powerful, aligned and magic-filled 2021. Available until Jan 31st. 

  BOOK - 1HR  

mystical forecasting

tarot reading


Are you…

ready to absolutely kill it in 2021? 

ready to use a bit of mysticism to plan your year ahead?

ready to finally process the past year? 

ready to stop freaking out about your future? 

If it's a hell yes, then grab your phone to meet me for your one-to-one session where we’ll do a tarot reading via a phone call. We’ll be using the phone as our treatment room to do a grounded tarot reading with my signature spread that I only do once a year. 


We’ll REFLECT on 2020 and find out what’s lingering in your subconscious mind that needs to get a RELEASE. We'll go under the surface to work out how you can get READY to step into 2021 and of course map out your ROUTE for the year ahead, where you'll leave armed with your all-important card for 2021. 

Just a heads up: You won’t find any dooms day predictions or fortune-telling here, but instead we’ll be using tarot in a therapeutic way to get you to where you want to be both now and in the future.  


After the session, you'll be ready to seriously up level your year ahead with the universe as your homegirl and super-boost all of your goals.


If you fancy getting both and treating yourself this season, enjoy 10% off. You'll receive the Break Up With 2020 download and a one-to-one Mystical Forecasting tarot reading.

the package:

break up with

2020 + mystical forecasting 

In this special package, you'll receive both the Break Up with 2020 Bundle and you'll also receive a one-to-one 1 hour Mystical Forecasting Tarot Reading. 

Once you hit the access button you'll book in a date for your tarot reading first and then you'll receive your Break Up with 2020 Bundle via email within 12 hours. I recommend having the tarot reading first before going through your bundle, so keep this in mind when you book in. 

This is the ideal option if you're looking for some guidance, clarity and one-to-one time to ask questions and work through what you're navigating with me, before you spend some time going through Break Up With 2020 on your own. The best of both!