monthly activation

Join me every month for an online group class featuring my signature Activation process.


Consider this your monthly dose of stillness and self-inquiry, where you'll get to know yourself on an even deeper level, receive guidance on moving forward and step further Into your authentic, in-your-worth, unapologetic and spiritually connected self. 


Activation Classes are a down-to-earth container that's part-teaching, part-meditation and part real-time journalling. With plenty of heart, laughs and spaciousness to unwind and support your inner growth. It's kind of like a workout for your spirit. 

We'll meet on Zoom, from all parts of the world. Everyone is welcome, whether you're totally new to this or you've been true to this and the space is safe and held.

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Planet Partnership:

A Spiritual Take on Self Love,

Dating + Relationships

with Sade The Astrology Vixen

When are we NOT talking about all things love? We're either trying to figure out how to be confidently and comfortably single, handle the terrifying landscape of online dating or trying to deal with both the magic and confrontation of being in a relationship.

While we may never figure it all out, Sade The Astrology Vixen and I, are joining forces to tackle everything you've been thinking, wondering and been confused about. We'll look to spirituality to make love and dating, feel a hell of a lot easier to navigate and understand.

Between us we've worked with an incredible amount of people, and best believe that a whole lot of those sessions were based on relationships. We'll be sharing the teachings and practices that have served them the most and will also serve you. 

During the workshop, you'll get all the tea on using astrology to see the type of connections you're drawn to, compatibility (in an ethical, non-creepy way) and the power of synastry (two charts side by side). 

We'll dive deep into karmic connections, past life learnings, breaking relationship manifesting "rules", WTF spiritual partnership is and the importance of presence and authenticity. You'll also be guided through an energy healing meditation to get you in the zone. 

This workshop is for everyone; whether you're single, dating, partnered up or anything in between... we've got you.