monthly activation

Join me every month for an online group class featuring my signature Activation process.


Consider this your monthly dose of stillness and self-inquiry, where you'll get to know yourself on an even deeper level, receive guidance on moving forward and step further Into your authentic, in-your-worth, unapologetic and spiritually connected self. 


Activation Classes are a down-to-earth container that's part-teaching, part-meditation and part real-time journalling. With plenty of heart, laughs and spaciousness to unwind and support your inner growth. It's kind of like a workout for your spirit. 

We'll meet on Zoom, from all parts of the world. Everyone is welcome, whether you're totally new to this or you've been true to this and the space is safe and held.

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Rethinking The "Right" Path

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We've all done it, questioning if we're on the right path, moving in the right direction or making the right decision. The endless thoughts going over in our minds that lead us to seeking permission to go ahead, wanting the comfort of knowing we'll be OK or just not moving forward at all. Well it's time to rethink what "right" actually means.

If you've been feeling stuck or looking for signs on what to do next, then it's time to prioritise your relationship with trust and timing. Two words that we never want to hear but the two words that will get you to find peace with where you're at and joy for where you're going. 

This month, we'll be diving into our fears of the unknown, uncertain and unexpected. To get you to trust in your own intuition and spirit, to be able to make impactful decisions and confirm that where you're going is in alignment with creating a life of potential and endless possibility.

I'll guide you through my signature activation process that's part teaching, part meditation and part real-time journalling. 

I'll create some much needed spaciousness to listen and tune in to all aspects of yourself, so you can inquire deeply, act intuitively and take time to exhale.