monthly activation

Join me every month for an online group class featuring my signature Activation process.


Consider this your monthly dose of stillness and self-inquiry, where you'll get to know yourself on an even deeper level, receive guidance on moving forward and step further Into your authentic, in-your-worth, unapologetic and spiritually connected self. 


Activation Classes are a down-to-earth container that's part-teaching, part-meditation and part real-time journalling. With plenty of heart, laughs and spaciousness to unwind and support your inner growth. It's kind of like a workout for your spirit. 

We'll meet on Zoom, from all parts of the world. Everyone is welcome, whether you're totally new to this or you've been true to this and the space is safe and held.

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So, What Would You Do

If You Weren't Afraid?

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Let's talk about ​your desires, you know, the things you're calling in, manifesting, visioning, can't stop thinking about. Now, let me ask you this: where are you limiting yourself? Where are you still playing small in what you think is possible for you in career, relationships and well, everything

If you're ready to create a life filled with bliss, joy, love and abundance; you need to explore what you're too scared to do, think you're not worthy of having and don't think you can actually make happen. 

This month, we'll be diving into desires and how to love yourself enough to actually go after them. We'll release all the reasons why you've convinced yourself that something isn't possible and check in with your heart to see if your dreams are soul-led ones or ones based on what you think you're allowed to have. 

I'll guide you through my signature activation process that's part teaching, part meditation and part real-time journalling. I'll create some much-needed spaciousness to listen and tune in to all aspects of yourself, so you can inquire deeply, act intuitively and take time to exhale.