3 Spiritual Hacks For Your Phone

I'm well aware that this might sound a little contradictory to you, as the typical advice is to actually get off your phone as much as possible. But, let's face it, we're on our phones constantly and while I'm all for digital detoxing, if we're going to be on our phones we might as well get the most out of it.

You might be surprised to know that I use my phone as a helping hand for a lot of my self-care practices, so I wanted to share some easy phone rituals that you can slot into your routine.

If you're finding that the screen-time on your phone is creeping up on the daily, then you might as well put those hours to good use, with the below hacks.

Tossa Vision Board
My vision board for a trip to Tossa

1. Canva

This online and free, graphic design tool is not only a lifesaver for my business, but also for my self-care routine. You can either download the app on your phone or you can use the website on your laptop. I use both, but find it slightly easier to use on my laptop, especially for more complex projects. There's so many ways to get creative with Canva, especially when it comes to super-boosting your manifesting practice.

I use it for when I'm really trying to embody what I'm calling in and sometimes I need to imagine myself in the situation to get there. I make mini vision boards on there, like the one for Tossa above and you can pick the template size of your choice. In my one-to-one healing immersions, we go really in-depth on Divine Co-Creation which is my manifesting process, and it's much more than just posting pictures on a board. But, this is a wonderful tool to supplement your practice and get you into alignment with your intentions.

Canva is also the perfect tool for writing out your affirmations, I write mine out and design them up to use as my lock screen image. I'll either write the affirmations that I'm currently working through or I'll also write down my goals and look at them on my phone every morning.

How to use it?

Some people create fake cheques from the bank of the universe to themselves, but who even uses cheques anymore? I took a screenshot of my banking app which had my account balances on it, then edited it in Canva. You can use white boxes to blank out your current balance, and then type in your most magnetic financial amount instead. Or if you're trying to work towards more business sales, take a screenshot of your inbox, erase your current message previews with a white box, then type in "You've got a new order" a few times, instead. Use your imagination and make it realistic!

Starhawk The Spiral Dance
Book quotes on my notes app

2. Notes App

This is just the digital gift that keeps on giving. First of all, whether you have an iPhone or an Android, there'll be some kind of notes situation on there. This is probably my most used app, and it's not only for drafting vulnerable or risky texts. I use this to write down my favourite quotes and lines from books, so I can pull them up when I need a mood-boost or to be an energetic match for my manifestations.

I also use this to jot down my Soul Notes when I'm out and about or if I have a profound thought just as I'm heading off to sleep. Journaling is an important part of my self-care practice but I can't always squeeze a journal in my bag when I'm out, so this is the perfect compromise.

How to use it? Write a notes page called First Aid Kit, and copy out all of your favourite inspirational quotes and affirmations, pull it out when you need to get out of your head and into your heart.

Glamour Beauty Festival Giselle La Pompe-Moore
Some of the things you'll find in my favourites folder

3. Photos Folder

This has been such a game-changer for me, and it's another one that you don't even need to download as it's built into your phone already. You'll have a favourites folder in your phone's photo app (probably under your camera roll), if you're not already using it then this is a great way to utilise it.

I use the favourites folder, as I can copy any pictures saved in my camera roll, by just clicking on the heart. In this folder, I save all of my wins. Screenshots of lovely emails, kind words from clients, the inspirational images I use on Canva, pictures of myself doing events (as above) or press coverage. If it lights me up, it's going in my favourites.

It's a great way to collect your wins and successes and save them in one place, so you can scroll through the folder to remind yourself, especially when you're feeling a bit down. We all forget how important it is to celebrate and congratulate ourselves and this makes it a no-brainer to do.

How to use it?

Whenever you receive or see something that feels good to you, take a screenshot and save it in here. When you receive a cute text or a "you did great" email, it gets saved in here too. Once you've acquainted yourself with Canva, your favourites folder will also be the perfect home for all of your new images and affirmations.