3 Ways To Love The Skin You're In

It's my mission to guide women to change the way the way they think and feel about their skin and appearance in my three month healing immersions and rediscovery: skin meditations. Why? Because, for me skin is deeply spiritual.

Think about it, it's so wrapped up in meaning, emotion and worth. I've also seen so many women over the years in a cycle of endless comparison and criticism, feeling deflated by unattainable beauty standards and constantly searching for the product to "fix" it all. But, the shift to acceptance and peace is by going within and unlocking that inner knowing.

Our skin allows us to experience so much of the world, it allows us to touch and be touched in return. Yet, we place so much emphasis on its aesthetics and not on its incredible function. When we're trapped in this cycle, a great place to start is by showing your skin some love, and here's my 3 top tips on how to do it.

1. Start Doing Skin Meditations

Download the Facial Massage Meditation (£7.77) and use your favourite facial oil while you listen. We know how damaging stress can be on our bodies, but stress hormones also reach the skin. Plus, I'm sure you've heard just how powerful meditation is, so it's a no brainer that it can help with both mind and skin too.

In this meditation, I've combined it with a self-massage which can help with promoting lymphatic drainage as well as reducing fluid retention and sinus pressure. It can also work on the areas that hold any tightness or stress. Massaging also aids in promoting cell turnover and improving circulation plus it also makes your skincare products work harder, as the ingredients are able to penetrate deeper.

When combined with meditation, self-massage can be such a powerful way to give yourself love and kindness. Most importantly, when you're actually feeling the skin under your fingertips you can shift your focus to one of gratitude.

2. Write it Out

Journaling is a great process of investigation, as it allows you to dive beneath the surface at the belief system that's having an impact on the way you feel about your skin. Start by writing a love letter to your skin, journal out all the things you're grateful for about its function.

This can be everything from your skin's ability to regulate temperature to its regenerative properties. Write out all the features and qualities you love about your skin and appearance, even when it feels impossible to do so. Be gentle with yourself, take your time and say what's on your heart. The more you write the better, if you notice any negative words or limiting beliefs coming out in the letter, that's OK too! Use this as a prompt to kickstart your healing journey.

3. Slow Down

While I believe that self-care absolutely has to be holistic and incorporate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities, a beauty routine can also be included in this.

Honestly, there just aren't enough hours in the day, but we all have time to cleanse our faces and apply body lotion in our beauty routines. This makes it an ideal time to slot some mindfulness and meditation in. It gives you a chance to look inwards, slow down and use your beauty products in a more mindful way.

If applying products lights you up and it's the only time that you have for yourself, then go for it and make it even more special by slowing it down.

Mindfully work the products in to soothe both your mind and skin. Really take your time, focus on the scent of the product, feel the texture in your hand, notice how it feels on your skin, take deep breaths as you massage the products into your skin, set an intention when you start your routine and feel free to have candles, crystals and all your fave witchy tools around you whilst you do it.