Spirit Note 001: Bodies

Real talk with spirit...

These notes are the conversations between me and my spirit guides, where I ask the questions that are on my mind, then channel, file and share their unedited wisdom.

On Bodies [25/08/19]

This was such an interesting conversation with my guides and so much magical wisdom for us all to digest and action. I wanted to ask them about navigating our physical bodies, as I for one always have to remind myself to ground into my physical body and lower chakras at times. I know it's something that a lot of my clients are working through too. So I sat down, connected to my spirit guides and asked them these questions. Here's what they had to say...

What are bodies?

Bodies are the device by which humans on earth move around, pro-create, divinely lead, and capture their souls essence before moving it into physical reality. Bodies are the soul realised in physical form.

How can I nourish, love and accept my body?

By choosing to do so, by allowing your body to be the first thing you think of every single day, by knowing that it is here on the earthly realm to do as you so desire. It is not a vessel in and of itself, you are it and it is you. Feed it with what you'd want to be fed, that is love, that is laughter, that is the birds singing sweetly in the sky, that is the air around you that bellows so softly. Love your body by loving yourself in mind, body and spirit, commit to it, promise to tend to it.

You are your soul, yes, but in this lifetime you can only experience the richness of life by living in this body, so don't neglect it. Or how else will your soul grow?

I'm really struggling to move my body and commit to exercising frequently, how can I work through this?

By working on your mind first, you must know in your heart, with every ounce of your soul, that your body craves freedom, flexibility and the foresight to move and be in this world. Your mind is the key to moving your body. Ask your body what it needs from you, do not push it, because how would you like to be pushed? Be gentle, ease into it, trust the voice within.

You have the power within you to do anything you wish, just trust that it is so. Honour yourself every morning, promise yourself, then move through the world as a result of this promise.