Spirit Note 002: Surrender

Real talk with spirit...

These notes are the conversations between me and my spirit guides, where I ask the questions that are on my mind, then channel, file and share their unedited wisdom.

On Surrender [27/08/19]

We speak a lot about the importance of surrendering, but it's pretty hard to actually do. I'm all about the idea of "you can't pray and worry", but getting to the place of trust isn't always easy. This was a great one to channel, as my spirit guides had quite a lot to say and my hands were typing so quickly that I wasn't sure if what I was downloading would actually make sense. So I was really excited to see just how beautiful and deep their messages were on this topic. The emphasis on trust, is one that we can all takeaway with us.

Why does it feel so hard to let go?

Letting go is merely a state of surrendering to that which serves you most, we have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in our allowance of trusting that the universe shall provide. It feels hard because our definition of surrender is rooted in the basis of our fears. We choose to believe that it is hard for us to surrender, because we have a fear of surrendering. It is not on us to be fearful of that which we can not control, it is on us to control that which we are fearful of. Trust implicitly in your capabilities to let go and trust that in doing the act of surrendering, your needs will be duly met.

What does trust have to do with it?

Trust is the foreboding presence immaterialised before us, we know that trust is difficult as humans have not yet evolved to fully trust in that which they do not see . It is only in this knowing that you are able to trust in what is to come next. Surrendering is by definition the ability to trust in the unknown, unseen and unheard, it is about noticing and realising that what happens outside of our sphere of understanding is that which gives us light and the ability to manifest such dreams into the realm that we are all privy to - the spiritual realm.

What does surrendering even mean?

Surrendering is the capacity to trust, to trust in the unseen, unknown and unheard. It is in this capability that you shall become free of your pain, burden and suffering and step profoundly into the light that you seek.