Spirit Note 003: Love

Real talk with spirit...

These notes are the conversations between me and my spirit guides, where I ask the questions that are on my mind, then channel, file and share their unedited wisdom.

On Love [05/09/19]

Well, well, well...If it isn't the topic that none of us can wrap our heads around. I've been thinking a lot about love recently and reading some wonderful books on the topic like All About Love by Bell Hooks. But I was wondering why it's something that we just can't manage to define, yet we're all craving it and it's the stuff of films, song lyrics, books and art. So, naturally I asked my spirit guides for the full scoop and wow, just wow. Here's what they had to say, in our little chat (real mic drop moments)...

What is love?

Love is the beginning and the end of what we know to be true, it is the irreplaceable feeling of belonging, want and need. It is the desire that sits deep within our soul to be held, nurtured, loved and replenished. It is both of us, in us and outside of us. It is impenetrable but it is not to be confused with lack. It is not something that can fill us up when we're empty. It is not something that we can cling to desperately in the aim to find our wholeness. One can only find the love they crave when they first give it unto themselves with arms that dare to be bold and dare to be open. We must not confuse our need for love, with our need for wholeness, for it is in that very wholeness that we can find our own, deeper, internal truths. I grant you the desire to find love, only once that love is filled up within you. That is a message to all humankind, to go deeply into your inner truths and inner depths as that is where your love resides.

Why are we all yearning for it it?

Yearning for love, how curious a concept? How can you yearn for something that you already are? Love is within you, you are love, just in the same way that you are spirit. You can not search externally for something that is already so beautifully interweaved into the fabric of your very being. Trust and take heed in your ability to love yourself, for there lies the answer to all external love. The person you are waiting for is indeed you, the person who can set your soul into the deepest of burning fires is you. Search instead for someone who can meet, touch and reignite your soul with the passionate intensity of every hot coal ever to have existed on this very planet.

What are soulmates? Do they even exist?

Of course soulmates exist, for we are all souls, souls that magnify our love for each other and ourselves. Your soulmates are every single being to inhabit this earth and the many earths beyond it. Your soulmates are the person who you didn't even cast an eye at on your daily walks into the life that you are living in, your soulmates are in the love you have for your life. There is not one soulmate, nature doesn't not know "one" the nature of this planet is in its abundance and never-ending capabilities and possibilities.

There is no beginning and end of nature, so how do you believe that you are only allocated one soul? Everyone you meet is a soulmate but the person who shall light your soul on fire is the mate who will feel good to your soul, who will serenade it sweetly with its whispers of longing for you and who you will know, like you know, like you know, is your truth, is your homecoming and we will all find that, it is only the limitations of the mind and body that do not perceive it as such. How can we show love to each other?

By being kind to ourselves first, which will then reverberate and vibrate deep into the depths of this planet. There is no other way to explain it other than that. Love is you and you are love, to show it to others requires a deep understanding in your soul of what love is. Can love be defined? It is impossible to define something that is undefinable to so many people. It's definition is in what each individual soul believes to be true for them, it may not be true for you, but is that not the deepest lesson in life but to uncover the truths of love?