Spirit Note 004: Vulnerability

Real talk with spirit...

These notes are the conversations between me and my spirit guides, where I ask the questions that are on my mind, then channel, file and share their unedited wisdom.

On Vulnerability [05/09/19]

This is a topic that I've worked through a lot in my own healing journey and one that I continue to delve into and explore. It's a fascinating one as I feel like it's something that we all find tricky to not only understand but also to apply in our own lives. So I decided to hang out with my spirit guides and ask them to share their wisdom with us. Here's what they had to say, I asked their name and I was told "Markus of Saint Petersburg", so if you're looking for me I'll Googling TF out of that.

What actually is vulnerability?

Vulnerability is how we allow our true expression of self to circulate and communicate amongst those who we deem to be worthy of witnessing our truths and our wisdom. We seek to be open and vulnerable with others as this is a stepping stone to the love that so many of you deeply crave and desire. It is the starting point to true expression, of true love, to allow someone in to deeply witness you at your very core. It is both something that enables humankind to be wise in their approach to love but also to be wise in their approach to allowing someone to see you at your rawest. It is in that raw self that passion ignites and the deepest of compassion occurs.

How can we be more vulnerable? You need to release the fear of not being safe in your truth. How can you not be safe when you express your truest thoughts, desires and notions of what it is to be a human? If someone shall reject your advances and your deepest truths it is on them and not on who you are. We are all souls and we can't dictate or advance or change the wishes of another soul. You cannot control their actions, only your own, you have to remove the fear that your words willl cause unwill, you need to release the fears that your thoughts will cause you to hear a no. If you are not vulnerable you miss out on the true nature of being a woman who is of the light and worthy of receiving the most bountiful love.

You long to be held and nurtured, you long to be supported but in order to do so, you have to be willing to put your heart on the line, to put your heart in the fire, knowing it may well get burnt but what if someone catches it? What if someone catches your heart and chooses to hold it and love it so sweetly. Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing? But, how do we get there? We express what's on our hearts and allow our throats to vocalise it, we feel in our bellies the deep stirrings of desire and allow it to come through us and into the arms of another. We stay true to ourselves for in that truth comes light after light.

Why does it feel so hard to do? Bang vulnerable requires patience in yourself as it is a journey towards enlightenment, it asks you to take courage in your wisdom, to go under the surface and into the heart of the matter to uncover what it is you truly want. Then it asks you to express those needs, those wants, with someone who may shatter them to pieces because they are not ready to accept you. So I ask, what is more important, doing this deep work and possibly finding solace in a lover or not doing this work and never having the bliss of sharing your life, space, heart and soul with another soul who you are destined to be with. It is your will, choose unto it which you wish, but know that you have to be willing and able to step into this gift. The gift is to reap the rewards of being a human and expressing your soul's message in this physical realm. That is how you find union. Open your heart and open your mouth.