Spirit Note 005: Creating Space

Real talk with spirit...

These notes are the conversations between me and my spirit guides, where I ask the questions that are on my mind, then channel, file and share their unedited wisdom.

On Creating Space [19/01/20]

I've been thinking about space a lot recently, both in my business and life. I'm really good at taking space for things to come through. I take breaks to be still before I launch anything and when I'm feeling stuck I always let life unfold and just feel open to receiving instead of trying to force or make things happen. Easier said than done and it's something that my clients struggle with, so here's what my guides have to say on the topic.

How do we stop resisting and allow space for things to come through?

Resistance is unimportant in the grand scheme of life, as your life has been purposefully chosen for you to expand, dream and breathe upon. It is not for you to subject yourself to the pain of always pushing and forcing your way through life, of not letting go of things when the time has come for them to be released.

It's your only role to be present and to be in a perpetual state of allowing and that is the definition of creating space. Space is the allowance of guidance, space is the allowance of truth, it is going inside yourself so that you may understand the life outside and beyond yourself. It is saying that you need time and stillness to be able to create your desires. How can you know the life that you want to create if you have not created space for it to come to you.

How can we create space for ourselves? Is it through meditation?

While yes that is indeed the best way to create this expansiveness for your soul, it is important that you move beyond the definition of meditation and allow it to become a word that carries so many more words within it. Meditation is the term used to describe a process of looking into your heart and mind and finding in there the truth to who you are. It is not always in this space that you will find what we perceive to be enlightenment but it is a daily prescriptive process to further your knowledge of yourself.

That would be the key advice we can give to you, to meditate, pray and to just be. There is no greater blessing on this earth than being-ness. That is what creating space truly is, just choosing to BE before you choose to DO.

How do we struggle in our lives, when we aren't creating space?

The struggle is your making, because it feels heavy to move through a life that you weren't allowing to come as and when it pleases, with who you are being called to spend time with and the opportunities that are being presented to you as you move ever closer to the purpose for which you incarnated into this realm to do.

It's a struggle as so often the purpose only unravels when you allow yourself to be open and to have the space to sense with your intuition what your next step should be instead of allowing fear to lead the way there.