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def. a state of resting after exertion or strain. 

Repose is a series of digital group sessions to talk, write and rest our way into being with ourselves.


This brilliant and nonsensical world we exist in, brings up a whole lot of big feelings and questions. 

These sessions are a space to respond to them, as well as rest from them.


We’ll begin by flowing through the theme, where I’ll talk us through it, unpacking as we go and sharing any practices or perspective shifts to takeaway with you. You’ll then be guided through a written exploration for some deeper self-inquiry, before we let all of that go and settle into some reflective stillness to close. 


Each session ends with a community space for questions and shared insights to learn and grow from each other, to promote greater integration of the work. 

It's uncomplicated. It's an exhale. It's a space for us all to exist together. Come as you are.


June: Writing To Reflect & Reconnect

A creative and therapeutic writing workshop to feel, heal and be with yourself. But, also a space for us to write for joy, pleasure and creativity; not just the sad stuff that we pour into our journals. We'll be allowing the pen to give us permission to spend some time in reflection, to communicate with ourselves and express anything that we've not yet given words to. During this special class, we'll be alternating moments of stillness and reflection with a series of written exercises designed to inspire, discover and inquire, with plenty of unexpected fun stuff along the way. 

Please bring: Loose sheets of paper, preferably A3 but A4 also works and pens to write with (marker, biro, colouring; your choice). 

The details:

Thursday 15th June - 7-8:30pm (UK time)

Online via Zoom
You'll need: Journal and pen


* sessions will be recorded and sent out after the event, but do try to attend live as the group shares and ask me anything will not be recorded for the confidentiality of the group. 



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