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def. a state of resting after exertion or strain. 

Repose is a series of digital group sessions to talk, write and rest our way into being with ourselves.


This brilliant and nonsensical world we exist in, brings up a whole lot of big feelings and questions. 

These sessions are a space to respond to them, as well as rest from them.


We’ll begin by flowing through the theme, where I’ll talk us through it, unpacking as we go and sharing any practices or perspective shifts to takeaway with you. You’ll then be guided through a written exploration for some deeper self-inquiry, before we let all of that go and settle into some reflective stillness to close. 

It's uncomplicated. It's an exhale. Come as you are.


Theme for January: On... Visibility.

There's something that rests in the space between idea to action, thought to thing, feeling to words and sometimes, that is a resistance to being seen. To being visible. To using our voice. To saying and showing what's on our hearts and in our minds. We doubt if we are the 'right' vessels to deliver a message. We want to live behind the scenes, instead. The idea of taking up space looks good on a tote bag, but what does it even mean? 

It might manifest as not sharing our stories, not telling someone how we really feel, not taking the calls or not asking for support. On the flip side, in a chronically online world, where's the balance? Do we feel like we owe people our trauma or vulnerability?  How much of ourselves do we authentically want to share? We'll explore it all, from the voices and faces that are prioritised in society and the impact that has on us all, to what's lurking behind our desire as well as resistance to being seen and giving ourselves the permission to share our truth to whoever we want to receive it. 

Ask me anything.
As I no longer do 1:1 sessions, I'll be staying on from 8pm for 15 minutes at the end of each session, for any quick questions you have, guidance and if
 you're working through things in Take It In you'd like to ask about. 


The details:

Thursday 26th January - 7-8:00pm (UK time)

Online via Zoom
You'll need: Journal and pen


* sessions will be recorded and sent out after the event, but do try to attend live as the group shares and ask me anything will not be recorded for the confidentiality of the group. 



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