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One-to-one sessions and online group workshops offering you spiritual support through your life experiences and changes.


All of my offerings will guide you to, Return Back To...You. 


Because, that's where you'll find your authentic, in-your-worth, spiritually connected, truest self and when you’re tuned in to that, life is pretty damn amazing and much easier to navigate. 


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not your usual 

tarot reading


1 HR 15


spiritual guidance


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group workshops


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One-to-one reading guiding you to move through the stuff that’s in the way of you seeing your greater purpose, power and potential. Giving you the wisdom to get you to where you want to be, even in an uncertain and confusing time. 

Via phone call. 

not your usual

tarot reading


This isn't your usual tarot reading. There's no fortune-telling or dooms day predictions.

There's absolutely no nonsense, zero superstition and you won't find any generic card meanings. 

What I'm focused on is walking with you through your life experiences and changes. Whether that's figuring out what the hell to do in your career, have some relationship stuff to figure out, feel a bit stuck and don't know how to move forward or find yourself freaking out about what's next. 

I'm simply here to walk with you, channel what comes through and guide you to return back to... you. You already have all the power and answers; we'll simply spend some time together getting to it. 

We'll chat it up on the phone and use the cards as a medium to help you navigate whatever is coming your way, and most importantly give you a moment of self-inquiry to go under the surface to help you create what's next. 

I’ll be here to make you feel heard, held and deeply supported throughout, with a grounded and down-to-earth approach

All you have to do is show up as you are, share where you're at and take it all in. 

 important information ahead of the session 


At the time of our session, I'll call you via FaceTime Audio, WhatsApp Audio or UK mobile so we can speak regardless of where you are located in the world. In the booking form, you'll be able to select if you have a preference of FaceTime Audio or WhatsApp Audio. 

You can take notes while we speak and I can also record the session for you.

"When I first discovered Giselle there was something that just made me want to book in for a reading. I'm so glad I did because the tarot reading was such an emotional and contemplative experience. I would best describe her reading style as having the warmth of a big sister, but with the frankness of a life coach! Her spread has been instrumental in giving me a springboard for my personal journey in re-evaluating how I want to shape my life, how I see myself and coming back into what my values really are. I can't recommend her enough. "

~ Vina P.



spiritual guidance

Think chatting to a girlfriend with a dose of spiritual guidance, in this 1:1 virtual session. We'll go inwards to find exactly what you need to move through what you're going through. 


This is a space for when you're doing the inner work and want a witness, space holder and some spiritual support, to walk with you. Or, maybe you want to begin the delightful work of returning back to yourself but have no idea how to get there. 


This session, held on Zoom, is all about you. Bring whatever you're navigating right now, it could be feeling stuck on next steps, connecting with your intuition, starting or deepening a spiritual practice, guidance on the doubts, fears and very real stuff you're carrying, figuring out how to meditate, mind-skin connection (see below) or just seeking a spiritual sounding board. It's all welcome.

The session is designed for you and each one is unique. Depending on what you're working through, I will hold space, deeply hear you and use a variety of practices and modalities that will get you to where you want to be. You'll leave with super practical steps to take and channeled guidance and wisdom to help you along the way.


I utilise anything from meditation and energy work to tarot and Akashic Records, so please share as much as you can on the booking form so I can prepare for our time together and I can send you a note with anything you'll need to bring with you, it works best to go through one area in your life per session: 

 important notes :- 

Mind-Skin Connection ~ For those who want to work on the way they think and feel about their skin and appearance, to find greater peace and acceptance. For moving through the impact that acne, psoriasis, dermatitis etc has had on your self-esteem, we'll do some skin storytelling, facial massage meditations and find individualised practices that will best serve you. Please state your interest in this on your booking form. 

For my experience, lineage and certifications for the work we'll be doing, you can find everything you need to know here.