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As an international speaker and panellist, I regularly partner with brands and corporate clients on speaking engagements, projects, talks, events and workshops; on topics including modern spirituality, self-care and the importance of wellbeing in the workplace.


Photo: The Wing

 The Wing 

I gave a talk on navigating spiritual practices when you're leading a hectic life to over 150 people in the London space. I have also led more intimate circles here too.

 Refinery 29 Presents Spirit at The Allbright

An Exploration of The Spiritual World panel talk where I spoke about the new place that spirituality has taken up in so many women’s lives before leading a guided meditation.

 MATTER by Pure Life Experiences

Workplace Wellness: Why it’s Essential for Your Business panel talk held at this experiential travel festival in Marrakech. Speaking about the importance of offering wellbeing programs to your employees. 

 Glamour Beauty Festival

Witch-Fluencers and New Wellness Trends panel talk, where I spoke about the increasing popularity of spirituality and healing practices. 

other partnerships

 Morning Gloryville  Goldfaden MD  |  London Grace  |  BAME Freedom Festival

 Miss Jones Wellness Summit at Mortimer House  |  Glow Bar London |  River Island 

 To Be Magnetic  |  Clinique  |  MyDomaine  |  Beautystack  |  Estee Lauder  

 Space by Mama Medicine NYC 

 Maha Rose NYC   |  The Assemblage NYC  M·A·C Cosmetics |  Soho House

 Stylist Magazine | Never Fully Dressed  Great Feast of London

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wellbeing in the workplace

Prior to this, I worked in the fashion and beauty industry for over a decade. Navigating my way through journalism, PR and product development as well as archival and museum work, both in London and New York City. My previous career really gave me an insight into the stresses associated with corporate life and I witnessed firsthand how much of a toll it can take on overall health and well-being. I was constantly struggling with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, burning out and not prioritising moving my body as I was always “too busy”. 

Having moved into this field and working with clients whose pain points echoed this, I have been able to create systems to help them prioritise their self-care routines which in turn reduces overall stress, prevents burnout, boosts productivity and increases self-worth. 

If you're a business and would like to find out more about the keynote talks and workshops that I can bring to your workplace, you can get in touch below.

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