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 so, who am I? 

I’m Giselle La Pompe-Moore

a spiritual guide, author, reiki master teacher and trauma-sensitive meditation teacher - but most of all, a space holder. 


where the spiritual meets the practical...

 what goes down here? 

Taking a modern approach to spirituality, the focus here is on going inwards, so you can return back

Guiding you to create and curate a spiritual practice, so you can handle whatever life throws at you.

 and, how do I do that exactly? 

Above all, I'm here to offer spiritual support through your life experiences and changes, and I use an intuitive blend of teachings, practices, reiki, meditation and tarot, to do so. 


Whether you join me in a 1:1 session, come to one of my online monthly classes or read my book, the mission is the same.

 daily activation 


word on the street...

"I end the call feeling like I've had an in-depth pep talk from a girlfriend, my head feels slightly clearer, I'm left with some new perspective and a feeling of hope... This is like spiritual therapy."

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"During my own session with La Pompe-Moore, I felt seen and supported at a time when I needed it most. It was an opportunity for me to brain- dump in a sacred, trusted conversation without the rigidity of a formal setting."

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"The name to know on the spiritual scene... If you're feeling stuck, have relationship issues or find yourself feeling unsure about the future, a tarot reading could serve up some intuitive guidance, while a workshop could be just what's needed."

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You can work with me in the below ways, and they’ll all help you to Return Back To...You.